JINGA Futsal is a GOL Brasil Program.  JINGA Futsal is a modified Futsal program for

kids aged 5+ years which is designed to teach players the basics of Futsal and then

apply that in a game each week.

The program is run in a relaxed environment where the kids have fun and develop a
love for sport.  It is run indoors so there are no cancellations due to weather and the
focus is on having a great time and learning some fun skills.  


Our philosophy is "let the kids play" and we encourage players to be creative, have fun and to express themselves and we specifically aim to keep the program relaxed and without strict structures so that we can encourage players to be creative and make their own decisions.


The JINGA Futsal program is based on a weekly session (10 weeks) for 1 hour.  Players will train (training for 30 minutes) and play (in-house game for 30 minutes).


QUEENSLAND  (9 weeks starting 3rd February)

Brendale             Thursday from 4:00pm

Carbrook             Wednesday from 4:00pm

Kenmore             Friday from 4:00pm

Morayfield          Wednesday from 4:00pm

Mt Gravatt          Monday from 4:45pm (8 weeks starting 10th February)

Mt Warren          Monday from 5:00pm
Oxley                    Thursday from4:00pm

                               Tuesday from 4:00pm

Redlands            Wednesday from 4:00pm


QUEENSLAND - REGIONAL  (9 weeks starting 3rd February)

Mackay                Thursday from 4:00pm

Maryborough    Monday from 4:00pm

Toowoomba      Thursday from 4:00pm


NEW SOUTH WALES  (10 weeks starting 3rd February)


Coffs Harbour    Monday from 4:00pm (ages 8-12) 

                                  Monday from 5:00pm (ages 12-16)

                                  Wednesday from 4:00pm (ages 5-8)                                      

                                  Wednesday from 5:00pm (ages 8-12) 

                                  Wednesday from 10:00am (ages 3-5) - JINGA Kids

VICTORIA  (9 weeks starting 3rd February)

Ballarat                 Tuesday from 4:00pm

Bendigo                Monday from 4:00pm
Melbourne           Friday from 4:00pm

                                  Sunday from 9:00am


Hobart                   Monday from 4:00pm (6 Weeks starting 17th February)

Launceston        Friday from 4:00pm (ages 4-8)  (7 weeks starting 14th February)



“JINGA is a great new initiative with fantastic coaches that provide an amazing atmosphere to not only learn how to play, but to encourage the kids to express themselves through sport”


“Our first season with Jinga and after being involved with other clubs, these guys provide a great environment to learn and enjoy football and great philosophy in playing without pressure and focus on enjoyment”


“Very well run program with professional coaches with the mantra of let the kids play – my partner and I love the Jinga concept and our kids are loving the fun and skills they are learning”


New players are welcome anytime.   Places are strictly limited so DON'T MISS OUT.

Contact us:

Office: +61 7 3270 2777


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